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Our current selections of the best mobile apps

Our main selections of the best mobile apps

Who are we ?

It’s difficult to find the best and most useful applications among the over 800,000 listed on the Play Store and the App Store respectively! Even if you limit your search to one single town or region, the number of apps on offer is still impressive. “Which apps are essential for my town?” “What apps will I need for my next destination?” “Which City Guide, free or paid-for, is the most comprehensive? And is it updated regularly?” “Out of all those on offer, which is the best Metro app? And what’s the best one for buses?” “Which app will help me find the best local information on the spot?”

The idea of Guabba arose after preparing for various trips within France and abroad, and in the process spending several hours answering these questions every time—a solution offering comprehensive, reliable and relevant selections of the best mobile apps, all localised, useful and tested!

So this is what brings you, focusing on independent, human processing of its selections of applications. No algorithms, no partnerships with the publishers of the apps appearing in the selections, no unverified suggestions. Nothing but apps chosen according to reviews from users, the frequency of their updates, their download counts, the nature of their publishers, and real tests carried out by local users—so as to assemble selections that are of high quality, reliable, evolutionary, and will save you time!

The quality of the selections will be maintained above all by listening to your comments and advice. So you should never hesitate to contact Guabba to share your opinions on the suggested selections, on the applications appearing in them, on the user-friendliness of the site, or to suggest additional apps that you think are both useful and efficient. Contact us if you’re interested in this initiative!